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Why do you think you have mould?

Does your home smell musty?
Are there areas of black on window frames, bathroom tile grout, or corners of closets and behind dressers?
Have you been feeling sick a lot lately? Coughing,
sneezing, etc.
Has there been a flood?
Is your roof leaking?
Do you have leaky plumbing?
Is there high humidity in the building?
Do you have pets?

Many things can cause mould to take up residence in your home, it just needs a little moisture and to be left alone.

Mould can feed on almost anything.

Mould’s job is to recycle everything it can, from wood
to plastic to people

Our job is to find out if there is a contamination in your building how bad it is and what type of mould contamination it is.

We also offer consulting to let you know what can be done if there is an issue.